What Is A Mask Necklace

If the mask necklace isn’t the most popular and most sought after fashion accessory of the year, then brace yourself, cause it’s certainly about to be. The orders to stay quarantined in the safety of our homes are lifting, restaurants, malls, and shops are opening, and we’ll eventually have to venture out into the great unknown and come face to face with the big bad virus –not without our masks though. In tough times like these, a fashionista’s got to do what a fashionista’s got to do.

Making the new, mandatory accessory that we’re toting about stylish is a challenge that fashion lovers faced with open arms, and thus the mask necklace was born. Using its ultra-super powers, the mask necklace has devoted its existence to fighting COVID-19 and the forces of the virus.

What is this famed mask necklace, though?

If you’re confused, then listen here for a bit. Have you ever seen those chains that librarians and grandparents have clasped to their glasses to keep the glasses from falling to the ground and shattering? Take that, and do the same for masks, but make it fashionable and iconic. When you wear the mask, it hangs like a cute accessory, and when you take your mask off, it hangs around your neck like a giant necklace. Now you don’t have to worry about placing it on a potentially unclean surface. It’s a stroke of pure genius.


Want to know who’s the genius behind this? You can thank lifestyle and beauty expert and entrepreneur Lara Eurdolian for that. She was the one who pointed out that before the pandemic, we used chains to hang everything from purses to cameras, so why not masks? One thing led to the other and now we have the hottest trend of the year.

How To Style It:

The amazing thing about these mask necklaces is that you can find them in literally any style you could think of. Are you into E-girl/E-boy looks and like chains? You can attach one to your mask. Like a more boho chic look? You can find a beaded string anywhere. Looking for a statement piece? Think ivory chain. Like dark academia? Try a beaded chain. The options are vast and unlimited. You can go anywhere your imagination takes you.

If you’re worried about styling it, just grab whatever chain or string goes with your outfit of the day, and DIY it. Tie the strings on the strap of the mask, and you have your very own 10 second version of a mask necklace.

It’s been a hard time getting used to our new reality in this pandemic, and we’re all trying our best to get through it. Trends like these help make the best of a harsh time, so why not indulge? Hopefully, one day when all of this has faded to a distant memory and seems like nothing but a bad dream, you can reuse your mask necklace for your sunglasses.