About Our Store

Welcome to Zafari—an online shop showcasing high-quality, eye-catching jewelry for women with adventurous souls and wild hearts. 

I’m Amy, the founder, and I created this site to offer women a consciously-curated collection of jewelry that inspires them to live boldly and go after what they want in life. For over 14 years, I was employed by multinational corporations such as Microsoft, Nokia, Bloomberg, Renault, and Nissan, which allowed me to work in several different countries and experience their unique cultures. In 2020, I decided to combine my passion for new adventures and my entrepreneurial spirit to start Zafari—a name inspired by my unrelenting desire to explore.

Zafari speaks to like-minded women who dare to dream big—the movers, the shakers, the trailblazers. Our stunning jewelry aims to inspire confidence, power, courage, and the perfect touch of chicness in every woman, from professionals to artists.

We hope that when you wear our gorgeous pieces, you are inspired to break through any self-imposed boundaries that are holding you back and experience all that life has to offer. As we here at Zafari like to say: never underestimate the power of the perfect accessory.

Collaborating with international designers and skilled craftsmen, we source only the highest quality gold and silver jewelry that is handmade with all raw materials. It’s all nickel and lead free, too. Our pieces are elegant, trendy, and perfect for everyday wear or special occasions, and will make you shine (quite literally!) like the beautiful woman you are.

Thank you for your interest and for supporting Zafari’s wild heart. We hope that you’ll visit us often! 

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