The Chain Necklace Trend

Whether we’re talking about jewelry trends or necklace trends, chain necklaces have dominated the market for the past couple of years, making a strong comeback from their time in the nineteenth century, right into the hearts of the younger generation.

We’ve seen them around the necks of everyone from E-boys to TikTok stars, from celebrities to fashion icon. There’s just something about the bold, aggressive statement piece that just draws the attention of fashion lovers. Once you start to look into it, there’s a deeper view than what meets the eye.

For decades now, bondage items have been an item of attraction for many, with trends such as wearing handcuff inspired jewelry dominating the market and blowing every other trend out of the water. There’s an aura of sensuality that surrounds these items, and it seems like the latest target of bondage inspired jewelry lovers have settled on chains.


But why are chains of all items so popular? Why not any other item, such as rope? The answer is simple. Chains are an item that can give you a baddie charm without seeming too over the top, and they’re extremely easy to style. Designers have used chains in purses and clothes for decades, so it was only a matter of time before the item created its niche in the market.

The world of chains does not stop here though. There’s a variety of styles that graces this accessory. Let’s take a look at them.


#1 Figaro Chain:

The Figaro chain type is a well-loved and fairly simple type of chain. It originated in Italy and consists of multiple alternating patterns of flattened links, all in different sizes. The most common pattern is of one long link, which is followed by three or two shorter links.

This style is a gender neutral one, worn often by both men and women. They’re a very sturdy choice, as they’re made from a very thick wire. It’s quite easy to repair a broken link, but it must be replaced to keep up the pattern.

#2 Bead Chain:

A bead chain is also known as a ball chain. It is created by linking together metal beads, which can have a long or short distance between each ball and bead, which allows for movement.

Ball chains are a common choice when it comes to dog tag necklaces, as it is often paired with streetwear. These chains are normally not worn by themselves, but as pendants with a single large ornament adorning them. The one con is that these chains are very fragile, and break quite easily.


#3 Snake Chain:

This chain gets its name from its snake like body which moves like one too. This chain is made up of rings, either bands or plates, that come together to form one, long chain. Since these chains are semi-rigid, they do not tangle easily. Since they’re easy to clean, they’re good for daily wear too.

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