What Is Gold Vermeil?

Are you a fan of wearing luxurious gold jewelry but need a perfect alternate for real gold jewelry to go easy on the pocket? Well, let us introduce you to “Gold Vermeil” (Gold Ver-may).

Gold vermeil is pretty similar to regular gold-plated jewelry but there is a major difference which is their thickness. In gold vermeil, the layer of gold covering the base metal is much thicker than that of regular gold-plated jewelry. The metal that lies underneath the thick gold is usually sterling silver.

Gold vermeil jewelry certainly lasts much longer than usual gold-plated jewelry but if not taken care of properly, it can tarnish pretty quickly. Too much exposure to water or perfume, sweat, or harsh rubs can damage the gold layer and cause it to wear off.

Gold vermeil is made in a unique way which makes it very unique and special. To obtain it, the base metal has to be crafted in fine or sterling silver and after that, it’s all covered in gold with the help of the ‘electrolysis’ process. In the past, the vermeil fire-gilding process was used for crafting vermeil but then it was banned due to the dangers inherent in this process, especially the issue of blindness caused by mercury. Electrolysis, if done correctly, results in good quality that can last for a long time, holding up for a good few years.

The durability of gold vermeil jewelry and its thick gold layer makes it a luxurious as well as an affordable alternative to actual gold jewelry. One can say that gold vermeil jewelry is premium-quality jewelry; it just does not have a premium price tag with it, and surely nobody is going to mind that.


Gold vermeil jewelry differs from actual gold, especially in terms of its price. People who do not choose to buy real gold jewelry can always rely on gold vermeil jewelry for much cheaper prices. The regular market rate of gold is the number one reason why people are turning their interest to gold vermeil as it is a much more pocket-friendly choice and no less gorgeous.

Solid and real gold jewelry items surely last a lifetime and are, therefore, a more sustainable and more lifelong luxury choice, but it is extremely expensive, making gold vermeil people’s ultimate choice because it fulfills the need and suits their budget too! Solid gold is almost 75 times higher in rate than the sterling silver used in gold vermeil jewelry. Therefore, gold vermeil jewelry is an ideal choice if you love luxurious gold jewelry but you are on a budget.

By talking about the manufacturing process of gold vermeil, its durable and long-lasting quality, its cheap and affordable price range, and its comparison with solid gold, we are pretty sure that by now you must have made up your mind about getting yourself a few gold vermeil jewelry items. So, what’s stopping you? Glam yourself up in luxurious gold vermeil jewelry and make a statement every time you wear it.